6 de mayo de 2009


CAPTAIN AHAB=jonathan+jim. they drive us crazy. they live in L.A. they do music,great horny live shows. we talk with jonathan, he is the guy on the picture above. hot.

describe jim in 20 words, including the terms "rabbit", "old men" and "sugar".
The rabbit rejoiced. A tornado of sweat and sugar had destroyed the watchful old men, leaving their cabbages newly unguarded.
tell me, did u ever read "moby dick"? the WHOLE book?
Fuck no. Reading is for chumps.
captain ahab was crazy. who´s more crazy in the band?
I guess Jim is technically crazier, as he has been clinically diagnosed with stendhal syndrome. I would like to make great academic music, but Jim's delicate condition requires that I keep the output of Captain Ahab as crass and mainstream as possible. I do try to work in occasional references to high art music in the material just to give Jim subtle nudges into minor states of hallucination or disorientation.
your songs are original, but maybe the live performances are your best definition as a band... so intense... i guess you could lose one or two pounds every concert...
Jim loses weight while I gain wait. It's probably due to all the sweat he sheds that ends up in my mouth and/or belly during performances. His sweat has a lot of calories. It saves me money on food while touring. There are plans to market it as a Captain Ahab weight-gain beverage.
the visual part is aswell very impacting... do you participate in the creation of the videos or promo shots?
All of the music videos and promo pictures are unstaged candid documents of our daily lives. Most times I am not even aware that we are being filmed or photographed.
i cannot decide which one of you turns me on more. who´ll be the easier to get laid with, and how?
Sex with me is performed entirely in a spiritual metaphysical connection. It occurs rarely and with great difficulty as the other party and I have to simultaneously and spontaneously arrive at exactly identical erotic fantasies in our minds at the exact same time, but WITHOUT seeing each other. This usually is most effective if we are each in separate rooms. If I see my sexual partner I am unable to achieve orgasm. This does occasionally lead to awkward situations on public transportation or in doctor's offices.
alcohol, sweet words, or marriage compromise?
Anyone with a sensory deprivation tank has the key to my heart.
. best city to live, best city to party, best city to die.
Best city to live - Metropolis
Best city to party - Gotham
Best city to die - Coast City, when Mongul & Cyborg Superman destroyed it to make earth into War World.
erotic idols of your youth and now.
Oliver Reed, now and always.
one thing you will never do in sex.
Get an erection.
and one more that you reccomend to do.
I like to think about women, so I don't feel like such a fucking faggot.



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